YCP has its first home - at 115 West Main Street in Carrboro!


We secured this site through a lease with the PTA Thrift Shop, that generously decided to partner with us in our mission and vision to create a cultural center for the youth in our Town. 

This will be our organizational hub for operations, planning and youth leadership meetings, outreach, publicity and logistics, and recruitment. 

This will allow gathering of leaders and organizers who will identify and enlist partnering groups to create a nexus of youth activities and empowerment.

This will involve joyful hard work of further building towards our ultimate goal of establishing a large and versatile youth-run cultural center and cafe, serving all our area's youth. 


We have a shared interest with PTA in making sure that our children are well- supported and ready to learn. We believe our goals overlap extensively; YCP's work is a key supplement that extends beyond school walls in joining and serving the community‚Äôs diverse youth. We believe that 115 West Main Street will be a catalyst for youth engagement and leadership; its central location and visibility are key factors. It will become a physical representation of our presence and maturation in the community, that recognizes the value of all its young members.