Cirque Du Carrboro Flyer

Cirque Du Carrboro

Saturday August 1st, 2-7PM

The Southern Rail at 201, E Mail St Carroboro, NC 27510

What do Mayor Kleinschmidt, a trapeze, and a teen hip hop dance group all have in common? They will all be at Cirque Du Carrboro at the Southern Rail on Saturday August 1st from 2-7PM. Cirque Du Carrboro is a free event with opportunities to donate throughout the day to start a queer youth circus; a percentage of sales will also go toward the cause. This benefit will feature aerial dancers, musicians, and vendors from Chapel Hill and Carrboro who are uniting to bring a new service to queer and trans* youth of the Triangle.

 Cirque de Carrboro will feature:
Sarah Shook | Jokes&Jokes&Jokes | Hudson & Haw | Mental Rolodex

A Pop-up Paperhand Puppet parade
Mayor Lavelle & Mayor Kleinschmidt as guest emcees
Hip hop dancing
Spoken word
Carnival games
Aerial arts
A Raffle for a weekend get-away at Sunset beach
Tarot Card Readings

Why a queer youth circus:

When people look at aerial dancers at 15 feet in the air, many of them think “I can’t do that; that’s impossible.” Many times, that’s how it feels growing up queer: impossible. Aerial arts is not only an expressive outlet for understanding and exploring yourself. It’s a physical work out and an act of learning to overcome your fear and trust yourself.  The Youth Community Project is launching a program called Fluid Revolutions that will provide queer and trans* teens with that experience through aerial arts camps and workshops. We are raising funds to by basic equipment such as mats, silks, and rigging that will enable the program to endure for years.